Raw ArtisTs show 2018

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Christopher KC Nelson is a Vancouver-based artist whose love for colour, texture, and pattern is apparent in all of his current artworks. After experimenting with acrylic paints with his roommate, Jude Warrington (Calgary-based Artist), Chris realized how much art was missing in his life and began to paint everyday. He loved the way he could tell a story using lines and textures while incorporating an array of colours to embody emotion.

Christopher is a mixed-media artist and uses an array of techniques and mediums to create his work. He likes incorporating acrylic and oil paint, paper, pastel, charcoal, resin, spray paint, and plaster.

Chris has a general idea of what he wants to create when he paints but the end result is always different than what he imagined. He tends to go with the flow, letting his hands develop the emotions on a canvas rather than sticking to any plans. For Chris, creating art is very therapeutic. It helps him release anger, create joy, experiment with curiosity and soothe anxiety. Today, Christopher continues to create in his West-end apartment and has no plans on slowing down